Sahyogi Rohini Gaikwad has a keen eye

Sahyogi Rohini Gaikwad has a keen eye for teacher-student interaction during classroom observations and a great way of appreciating the teachers while at the same time making them aware of their areas of improvement. Here she explains how she does her observations and debriefs:

“Before going for classroom observations, I ask the teachers about the topics they will be teaching that day and generally check if they are prepared. During the lesson, I never interrupt the teacher, and let them complete the lesson they have planned.
I tailor my Observation and Debrief Cycle inputs as per the needs of the teachers and my understanding of where the teacher needs the most support. During the debrief session, I make sure I appreciate the teachers for the efforts they have put in and respectfully suggest possible gaps in the lesson. Sometimes, I model some strategies for the teachers so that they understand better. I take into account the age and experience that the teacher brings and encourage an open, constructive and respectful conversation during the debrief.”

The Shikshak Sahyogi Dal comprises 50 “Teacher-Coaches” who are being trained intensively by PMC and Pune City Connect. In turn, they provide training and classroom support to over 1500 teachers across PMC schools.

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