Story of Mrs. Afreen Sheikh

Meet Mrs. Afreen Sheikh, a young and energetic Head Master of PMC School No. 22 who joined the school around the same time as the start of the SIP (School Improvement Project).
Her initial days as a school leader were difficult and she used to struggle to manage the school and the staff. In a candid conversation with the Academic Coordinator, she expressed a desire to improve her leadership skills and overcome her inhibitions. On a personal front, she wanted to become a great public speaker. Through her grit, dedication and passion for children’s education, there was a quick turnaround.
She applied what she learned at ISLI* workshops continuously. From being shortlisted in  the top 100 Design For Change projects across the country in 2017 to engaging parents by using WhatsApp to resolving conflicts between staff members, her school has been a benchmark amongst the 15 SIP schools since a year now. She continues to push herself to be better and in turn improves the quality of education for her students.

Through the School Improvement Project, PMC and Pune City Connect are working with the Headmasters, Balwadi teachers (LKG & UKG), Teachers (classes I to VIII) and Social workers, in 15 PMC schools, in order to enable holistic school development.

* ISLI – India School Leadership Institute offers a 2 year city Fellowship programme for school leaders of government schools. Mrs. Sheikh has been a part of this programme.

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