Story of Vijaya Mahadik, a Sahyogi

Vijaya Mahadik’s perfection, enthusiasm and investment stands out in the program. Here she shares her experience of teaching Saksham-


“As a part of planning my Saksham lessons, I thoroughly read the content and took my own notes.  Thinking about the topic I wanted to take up in the class, I broke it down into subtopics. I thought about the objectives of my lesson, what I see my students doing in the lesson to achieve those objectives and the requisite material for the lesson. By preparing the material beforehand in sufficient quantity, I ensured that every student and group gets it. During the lesson, I observed that students really like the individual attention they are getting and I continued the practice even though it is a small act like glancing through each student’s notebook. Post the lesson, I reflected about what went well today and what I can do better tomorrow. During that time, Sahyogis had the additional responsibilities hence we could not do a whole group reflection, which I feel could have helped us more to understand about everyone’s experience. Teaching Saksham has helped me in understanding how this program would actually look like in the classroom, preparation a teacher should do for the lessons and post teaching reflections. This would support me in supporting the teachers in implementing Saksham.“

The Shikshak Sahyogi Dal comprises 50 “Teacher-Coaches” who are being trained intensively by PMC and Pune City Connect. In turn, they provide training and classroom support to over 1500 teachers across PMC schools.

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