Mayur Kamble started his Lighthouse journey in August 2016. Though he had been employed in the past, he did not have a clear career trajectory. However, his energy, positive energy and motivation led him to complete his skilling in the Business Communication Business Facilitator course, after realizing his inclination towards the banking sector.
Mayur not only completed the course with flying colours, but also managed to be placed with a job at HDFC Data Processing. He has paid his success forward, by motivating his batch mates to apply for vacancies at his company. Mayur did not stop here. He has been resourceful in helping the Lighthouse with information about vacancies in the larger ecosystem.
He accompanied the Lighthouse staff to multiple organisations, to help source job vacancies – and was able to find over 100 vacancies! Due to his diligence and belief in the collective, 9 of the Lighthouse students have been placed in back office roles.
Mayur has emerged as a leader amongst the Lighthouse students, while also working at HDFC. He motivates his fellow team members to face their challenges – and is on the path to a long term, sustainable career.
Mayur’s journey with the Lighthouse and beyond is one of inspiration and belief.

Sustainable Livelihood: ‘Lighthouses of Pune’ is a multi-disciplinary project, with a holistic approach to skill development and employment. It is designed to awaken deep and long-term aspirations, stemming from a sense of social belonging, and at the same time address skilling needs of young people from socio-economically vulnerable backgrounds.

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