Teacher-Trainers : The Champions of Children

The Kothrud-Karvenagar cluster trainings are a great culmination of pre-planning, teamwork and flawless execution. This is what the Sahyogis explain about the training process: “We all meet together before conducting any training so that we can pre-plan. We divide the sessions amongst ourselves and discuss. One day prior to the training, we check the training hall and arrange for the logistics. We even check the toilets and make sure that they are clean. We ensure a conducive environment for our participants (teachers) so that they feel comfortable and can concentrate on the training. Having a circular seating arrangement helps us to improve participation and audience connect. Our trainings are very participatory and the teachers really have a good time while learning. The most striking feature of our trainings is that even if we have divided the topics and conducted sessions accordingly, we all back each other during the question-answer sessions. When one of us is conducting a session, the other is a support for the presenter to help with logistics and the rest (two) of us who are free at that point note down our observations for that day’s training regarding what went well and what can be improved. Post the training, we discuss our observations and reflections. This helps us improve and deliver better every time.”

The Shikshak Sahyogi Dal comprises 50 “Teacher-Coaches” who are being trained intensively by PMC and Pune City Connect. In turn, they provide training and classroom support to over 1500 teachers across PMC schools.

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