“It’s never too late to begin again”- John and Sharlet Gaikwad

John and Sharlet Gaikwad were at their lowest when they joined the Lighthouse. They needed a new purpose. The family had been facing hardships for quite some time and needed the motivation to begin again.

The Lighthouse team members and students gently reminded them that “it is fine to give oneself the permission to be happy again”. At the Lighthouse, amidst all the youth, they gradually opened up and felt a sense of belonging and fulfilment. The connections with their new Lighthouse friends made them realize their interests that gave their life a new meaning. After participating in a few activities, John learned he enjoyed cooking. He later decided to start his own canteen.

Initially, John faced difficulties but he was persistent. The Lighthouse team provided him with guidance regarding the costing model and sourcing new orders. Today, John has a job in a large company, running one of their cafeteria counters! His dream is coming true. Meanwhile, Sharlet realized she was inclined towards the beauty industry and enrolled for the Beauty Parlour course.

The Lighthouse continues to conduct sessions with John and Sharlet, and guide them on their successes and learnings. More than earning a livelihood, their motivation towards life is to connect with people and create a sense of belonging.

The Lighthouse program continues to motivate people like John and Sharlet and is determined towards changing lives and giving people a reason to live. The motive here is not only to help people gain financial stability but also to provide them with emotional support while they’re on the way to self-realization.

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