Leading children into the future

Mrs. Nakusa Pawar,
Buntar Barnard PMC School 58G

Born in a family where girls were not wanted or appreciated, Mrs. Nakusa Pawar is like a ray of sunshine. The name Nakusa means ‘unwanted’ in Marathi. Mrs. Pawar has made it her life’s mission to change that perception and spread warmth and happiness wherever she goes.

Under her leadership, the Hadapsar- Bunter Bernard school has really flourished. Mrs. Pawar leads from the front and is a hands-on headmistress. She knows every single child in the school and is aware of their progress and challenges. She observes classes and even teaches herself from time to time. She is always willing to step in and fill any gaps in the school when teachers are on leave. She conducts the morning school assembly and ensures that a diverse variety of ideas are implemented – from songs, to poetry and discussions on history and great leaders.

Mrs. Pawar proactively supports any initiative for the betterment of the school and her children. The Jeevan Shikshan – Social and Emotional Learning program has flourished in her school due to her leadership.

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