Mentoring teachers, learning together

Mrs. Vijaya Mahadik

The textbooks for grade 2 were revised at the end of the previous academic year to focus on activity-based learning. One of the Sahyogis, Vijaya Mahadik, realized that the teachers needed guidance to use the updated versions of the textbooks.

Vijaya took the initiative to study the revised curriculum and guidelines for Math & Marathi during the summer break. She designed a progression of modules of learning activities for teachers to use along with the textbooks. With the inputs from three other Sahyogis (Savita Mahajan, Sunita Pingat, and Nivedita Barnabas) and approval from Mrs. Shubhangi Chavan, DEO, a complete set of training modules were created.

These modules were to support the teachers of Grades 1 & 2 through training and classroom support. This was an important milestone for the project because of the ownership shown by the Sahyogis in creating a teacher’s support module.

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