The metamorphosis of Aarati into a confident youth

By August 25, 2020Home-Stories

Speaking English fluently means that you are a smart person was the belief that Aarati Mulay, a home-maker, had for a long time. Her language in English was weak and this was the reason she doubted herself and never had confidence.

Aarati enrolled herself to the Warje Lighthouse primarily to learn and speak in English. Knowing about her interest in learning the language, the Lighthouse team encouraged her to enrol her for the English course along with the Foundation course.

During the activities of the Foundation course, she began to gain self-confidence slowly and steadily. She was always proactive and sincere and often asked questions and cleared all her doubts during the course. With time, her command over English also improved.

By the end of the courses, she transformed herself into a young and confident youth who aspires to achieve her dreams out of which one was to become financially independent. Aarti started applying for jobs and gave interviews regularly.

“The Lighthouse not only helped me ‘find the diamond in me’ but also made me independent and confident.” – Arati

The English & Foundation Course gave Aarati the confidence to answer all the questions with ease and she bagged herself a job at Astute group as a tele-caller. Today, she supports herself and her family with a comfortable living.

The Lighthouses are designed with a holistic approach to empower the underprivileged by giving them an opportunity to turn their life around. The motive here is not only to help them gain financial stability but also to provide them with emotional support while they’re on the way to self-realization.

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