The recipe to be a successful businesswoman at the age of 51!

Vandana Pagar,
Founder of Malhar Foods

Vandana Pagar, the Founder of Malhar Foods is the woman who showed courage and immense belief in her-self. Before joining the Lighthouse and becoming a successful entrepreneur, Vandana was going through a difficult phase and had to fulfil multiple family responsibilities.

She is a single mother raising three children. Even after completing a Food Processing course from I.T.I Aundh, she lacked support and knowledge to do something of her own. She was often discouraged to follow her dreams from those around her, but Vandana did not give up.

The Lighthouse gave her a platform to organize her ideas and kick off a food business. Today, at 51, she is
exporting spices to the USA, Germany, and Japan. She also has a wide range of instant food products and
snacks. Vandana knows she is not alone in this endeavour and believes that she is part of a larger

“The Lighthouse stood by me through thick and thin and this sense of solidarity has been my strength”.- Vandana

She recently bagged the “Navdurga Udyogini Puraskar” at Baramati for being a successful first-
generation entrepreneur!

Along with support and assistance, the Lighthouse program gives a platform to every individual to transform themselves into successful entrepreneurs. Right from inception to success, the program helps them in every stage of their business.

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