A Home-maker to a Successful Entrepreneur

Swati Balkawade, Warje
Owner at Swati’s parlour

Swati, a young woman filled with joy, always aspired to be self-reliant. She could not continue her education after the 10th grade but that never stopped her from believing in her dreams. She is married in a well to do household. Her husband has a successful tourism company but Swati wanted to be financially independent.

She came to know about the Lighthouse from her neighbour and decided to join the Foundation course. Swati was enthusiastic about the course. She showcased diligence, sincerely took notes, and participated in all the activities.

After the completion of the Foundation Course, Swati enrolled herself in the beauty parlour course. After the basic course, Swati wanted to increase her domain knowledge and decided to enroll in the advanced beauty parlour course. Nutan- the Lighthouse Center head helped and guided her throughout her course and beyond.

On the completion of the course, Swati started working in a parlour. The appreciation she received at her work boosted her confidence to start her own parlour. She has worked hard to arrange for the finances she needed and started her own salon- Swati’s Makeover.

“The Lighthouse never stopped believing in me and my dreams. The team guided me throughout my journey and beyond.” – Swati

In the next few months, the pandemic hit the world and her business came to halt. This did not stop Swati, she started her online business of stitching clothes and that worked too. In August 2020, Swati re-opened her parlour and that parlour now also has a counter for ladies’ and children’s garments and cosmetics. Swati earns from her own enterprise and is self-dependent for all her financial needs.

The Lighthouses are designed with a holistic approach to empower the underprivileged by giving them an opportunity to turn their life around. The motive here is not only to help them gain financial stability but also to provide them with emotional support while they’re on the way to self-realization.

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