An Inspiring Transformation into a Quality Manager

Pradnya Nagtilak, Warje
Quality Manager at Parle-G

Pradnya, an Arts graduate, currently lives with her family in Pune. Her father was the only earning member of the family who lost his job due to an accident and is now bed-ridden. Since the only source of income had stopped. The family faced immense difficulties. Due to the financial crisis, Pradnya was married early.

A few days after her marriage Pradnya realized her husband was an alcoholic. She faced domestic violence and was often beaten with an iron rod. After a few months, Pradnya finally gathered courage and left her husband’s home and started living with her parents again.

After realizing about Pradnya’s pregnancy, her parents and husband pressurized her to return to her husband’s home. She agreed to give her marriage a second chance for the sake of her child. Unfortunately, things got worse.

Pradnya confronted her family and with her father’s support, Pradnya could file a police complaint against her husband. Since she started living with her parents, she wanted to support them financially. Pradnya did many odd jobs but she had to quit working in 2018 due to her son’s serious medical condition.

In 2019, Pradnya was at her lowest when she joined the Lighthouse. After a few days, her facilitators observed that Pradnya was mentally disturbed. On learning about her past and current circumstances, Pradnya received special support and attention from the Lighthouse team. She was encouraged to take part in activities she liked. The Lighthouse witnessed her transform herself into a confident young woman by the end of the Foundation course.

Today, Pradnya has secured herself a job as a Quality Manager at Parle-G and with a salary that will help her support herself and her family with a comfortable life. She will begin working on 7th October 2020.

The Lighthouses are designed with a holistic approach to empower the underprivileged by giving them an opportunity to turn their life around. The motive here is not only to help them gain financial stability but also to provide them with emotional support while they’re on the way to self-realization.

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