From a Difficult Marriage to a Budding Beautician.

Rekha Waghmare, Bibawewadi

Rakhee, the budding beautician never had it easy. She has experienced many set-backs in life one of which has been a marriage under false pretense. After facing domestic violence by her in-laws for a long time, she decided to get separated. Unfortunately, both her young children live with their father.

All this pushed Rakhee towards depression where she started having suicidal tendencies. Looking at her condition, her loved ones were looking for a spark of motivation for her to be happy again. On suggesting the Lighthouse program by one of her community members, she enrolled for the Foundation Course.

The Lighthouse program gave Rakhee a reason to look forward to something every day. Rakhee took a little time to adjust but with the support of the staff, she began to participate actively in all the activities conducted.
By the end of the Foundation course, she decided to sharpen her communication skills and language in English.

Rakhee enrolled herself in the Bindaas Bol English speaking course offered by the Lighthouse. During the counseling session, she showed an interest in the field of beauty and teaching. Taking this into consideration, the Lighthouse team encouraged her to enroll in the beauty parlor and a teaching course.

“I was on the verge of a breakdown and thought ending my life was the only solution. The Lighthouse gave me a reason to live, made me realize that it is always good in the world, we just have to see in the right direction.”- Rakhee

Rakhee aspires to start her own independent parlor one day. Her aim is to become financially independent and get custody of her children. She wishes to give her children a good education and make them better human beings. Currently, Rakhee is dedicated to her goals and is on her journey to make her dreams come true.

The Lighthouses are designed with a holistic approach to empower the underprivileged by giving them an opportunity to turn their life around. The motive here is not only to help them gain financial stability but also to provide them with emotional support while they’re on the way to self-realization.

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