Social and Economic Development of 25000 youth and 100 Slum Communities by 2021.

पुण्यातील तरुणांचा गुणवत्ता पूर्ण  कौशल्य विकास आणि शाश्वत उपजीविकेची संधी

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Sustainable Livelihood
September 22, 2020

The recipe to be a successful businesswoman at the age of 51!

Vandana Pagar, Founder of Malhar Foods Vandana Pagar, the Founder of Malhar Foods is the woman who showed courage and immense belief in her-self. Before joining the Lighthouse and becoming…
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January 11, 2019

“It’s never too late to begin again”- John and Sharlet Gaikwad

John and Sharlet Gaikwad were at their lowest when they joined the Lighthouse. They needed a new purpose. The family had been facing hardships for quite some time and needed…
Sustainable Livelihood
April 26, 2018

On a journey to a successful poultry business

Mangesh, a resident of Samrat Nagar, in Aundh, always aspired to become an entrepreneur and start a poultry farming business. His father is a farmer in Paud village and often…
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Impact of the Lighthouse

This video elaborates the impact of the Lighthouse on the slum community as a unit of change, and also the city as a unit of change. This video has been created with the help of IIT-IIT (IITians for Influencing India’s Transformation)

The Lighthouses:
Centers for Sustainable Livelihood

The Lighthouse is a multi-disciplinary project with a holistic approach to skill development and employment. It caters to young people (18-30 years of age) from socio-economically vulnerable backgrounds. It is designed to awaken deep and long-term aspirations in these youth and addresses their skilling needs at the same time.


To enable the social and economic development of 25000 youth and 100 slum communities by 2021. In order to achieve this, one Lighthouse in each Administrative Ward of Pune, that is, 15 Lighthouses in all, are to be set up.

The Lighthouse Effect – Operational Model

The Foundation Course at the Lighthouse is about awakening the youth’s inner “Agency”. The concept of having ‘Agency’  within oneself refers to the capacity of an individual to  determine his/her future. Awakening agency entails self-  exploration, evolution of  self-image and seeing  new  possibilities for oneself.

It also includes the development of  human capacities and life skills such as reflection, listening  skills, empathy, creativity, problem-solving, etc. Through the  Foundation Course young people prepare themselves with  greater awareness as they enter the job market.

The students undergo Skill Analysis Test Battery (SATB), a psychometric assessment tool developed and standardised to assess skill and abilities.

This is followed one on one counselling session for each student considering his/her interests, abilities as per SATB reports, personal and family challenges.

Skilling programs are offered by different training partners through a collaborative partnership that (a) enables a wide  choice of programs and (b) enables the flexibility to place  limited number of students in the respective programs. There is an array of courses ranging from IT and ITeS related programs such as Java, CCNA, Data Entry Operator, and Non-voice BPO etc.

There are also service related programs such as Nursing, Cooking, Beauty Parlour, Fitness Trainer and many more. The idea is to allow the individual to pursue a course of their liking, keeping in mind their skill-sets and the eventual career growth as a consequence (direct/indirect) of the course undertaken.

The youth are offered placement assistance on successfully completing the skilling program. In some cases, they choose to take up further studies, depending on their interest. Youth are also supported in taking up entrepreneurship.

All Alumni are welcome to the Lighthouse to seek desired support in managing any challenges at work, for up-skilling, for mentoring and coaching support and also just to be themselves. They are also invited to share their journeys with new students to encourage and motivate them.


By 2022, there will be 25000 youth alumni. This will be a strongly networked set of youth leaders who can then be the hubs for social and economic change across the city. Moreover, the Lighthouse is proving itself to be a model for community transformation, through (a) increase in gender equity (b) emergence of peer-support groups and leadership cadre in communities (c) dissolving of class boundaries and (d) increase in social harmony. This community transformation is already visible in 20 slum communities and will increase to 100 communities by 2022.



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Sustainable Livelihood Footprint

Today there are 5 Lighthouses; they are located in Aundh, Yerawada, Hapdapsar, Warje and Bhavani Peth. The next Lighthouse will be set up in Bibvewadi Ward.

PMC Support

The Lighthouses of Pune are closely supported by the Urban Community Development (UCD) department of the Pune Municipal Corporation. The UCD department provides the space for the Lighthouses in PMC owned spaces. Other departments such as Bhavan (Construction), Electrical and IT department are responsible for the set-up, renovation and infrastructure. All capital expenditure incurred towards setting up the Lighthouses is the responsibility of the Pune Municipal Corporation.

Corporate Partners

Implementation Partners

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An opportunity for your company to create transformational change in Pune city through initiatives that comply with CSR laws.


An opportunity for you, as an individual to join the movement and contribute your skills and time and enrich every life you touch.